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Looking for a second job?


This could be the answer...

Free 7 Days to Test Out!  No CC Required

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Create Builderall Account & Grab Affiliate Link

1. Create an account.  

2. Scroll down and click. "No thank you. Take me to the platform     now."

3. On the left toolbar, go to "Builderall Business > Affiliate Funnels"

4. Scroll down to "Register 7 Days" and copy your affiliate link.  


Set Up Your Sales Funnel

1. Go to Builders> drag and drop pixel perfect>sales funnels

2. Choose either template>edit  

3. Right click the "sign up" buttom and choose Action>Web address

4. Paste your affiliate link in the "web address" section​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Import YouTube Video

1​​​​​​​.  Copy YouTube Video Web address here:

(I reccommend using a personal video once you're generating funds.)      

​​​​​​​2.  Right click video>Configure

3. Paste link into video URL section

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Customize Your Website

1. Use the left side panel to customize this drag and drop web         funnel.    

2. Add images, banners, text, keywords, etc.  

3. Take time and get creative. Have fun! 



Publish & Promote

1. Go to Builders>Drag & Drop Pixel Perfect>My Site

2. Click the publish button.  Your site is now live!

3. Share on all social media sites.

4. Promote on all social media sites. 

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Upgrade to the Business Plan

1​​​​​​​.  You have 1 free week to generate as many leads as you         can.  (Most generate between 20-100 leads in the first          week.)

2.   After that, you MUST activate your account to                           business or you will LOSE all your leads!    

​​​​​​​2.  On direct sign-ups, you get 100% comission on the 1st           month.  (So 1 person pays for your entire month!)

3. Build an army of a team and take a vacation! Good luck!​​​​​​​

You Good?  It's About To Get Fun!


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  1.  Try risk free for a week

  2. ​​​​​​​ After signing up, obtain your affiliate link   and customize your website  

  3.  Promote & market in similiar fashion   to generate lead$$$
  4. ​​​​​​​ Collect paycheck via paypal. Simple. ​​​​​​​
  5.  easy to follow steps below...

Untilize This Marketing Platform's Awesome         2-tier commission system to earn another stream of revenue!

The Best 2-Tier Affiliate Marketing Program in the World!

The 2-tier Builderall affiliate program offers you the chance to make an extra income online and profit from an already done for you system.

This program is paying 100% commissions plus 30% monthly recurring on two levels deep! To top it off, they are paying up to $1000 a month for your car allowance depending on the amount of sales you have.

You want to get paid quick and earn cash on the people you bring in.  You can build a lifetime income using the Builderall affiliate program.   No experience necessary. Learn as you earn!

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